Modern Motors - Installing my sony xplode speaker and pioneer gm in nissan service center

Giza, Al Jizah 0 comments

I just bought nissan juke month ago

And i had sony xplode subwoofer and pioneer Amplifier from my previous PMW car

And I asked modern motors nissan service center to install it in my new juke car but they refused and said that I had to buy it from them otherwise if I install it outside nissan service center they will refuse to fix any future problems happen in the electricity circuits in the car even against factory defects under guarantee because they will not be able to differentiate between if is it from my Sony speaker or from factory defects

And now I have to buy same accessories again from them and I m not able to install mine by there service center

There prices are much much higher and already i have mine ,

They will buy me same type

Is it right to install same brand with much higher price and same for any other accessories ????

Why they not instal mine so I don't lose my guarantee ?

And mine is brand name and still under guarantee

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Modern Motors - Nissan Qashqai complain - EGYPT

Cairo, Al Qahirah 0 comments
Not resolved

Gm . My Name is Hesham Nassar , I am from egypt , I have a Nissan Qashqai (2012) , I had a small accidant beginning of March and since 10/3 I am waiting for a small spare part (wheel steering system ) , the agency didnt import this spare part for 70 Days now >>>> I have been contacting the agency and the reply is we are waiting for the spare part and finally they told me it is a bad car with no spare parts

Can any one help me who to contact to place a claim .

my mail is

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Modern Motors - Disappointed

Danbury, Connecticut 1 comment

when purchasing our 2012 mazda 5, the agreement was that we get roof racks and mud guards.They made an appointment when the items came in.

I drove an hour and after they installed the racks (an hour, no biggy) they tell me they don't have the rear guards in and the front ones won't work with the style. 1. the salesman should have know this. 2.

They should have called me ahead of time to let us know not everything was in, so as save another trip (1hr. there 1hr. back). My husband decided to forget the rear guards.

(would look funny without the front ones, not to mention they didn't have the rear one's) He's totally upset.

And I would have been really mad had I had to go back and waste another day.Someone didn't do their job.

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We are very sorry for causing you any inconvenience. Our dealership prides ourselves on having a high level of customer satisfaction and we apologize for not meeting your expectations. This was a clear error on our part and we are going to do everything we can to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.

Modern Motors in Thomaston CT

Meriden, Connecticut 1 comment
Not resolved

I received very poor service when trying to purchase a vehicle from Modern Mazda in Thomaston, CT. There sales staff is poor and inexperienced. They lost the car that I was supposed to have and had no idea when it would come in. They also tried multiple times to sell me a car with a color that I didn't like.

I had to repeatedly call them to check on the status. How do you lose a BRAND NEW CAR? I would suggest not purchasing a vehicle from them in the future.

I highly recommend Balise Mazda in Springfield, MA.

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Poor salesmanship, misrepresentation, mileage on vehicle had changed several times.Could not get the color I wanted. No discount for paying in full.

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